This section will showcase information about the real world events which inspired After the Dream. See also the Deep History Timeline for relevant historical events.

news stories:

New memories implanted in mice while they sleep [external link]

Interview with Michael Salter on Organized Abuse [external link]

Military Machine-Mind Interfaces [external link]

New evidence supports late MP who warned of elite pedo network [external link]

Social Engineering Study Seeks to 'Inoculate' Public Against 'Conspiracy Theory Propaganda' [external link]  

     Full text of above study [external link]

U.S. Secretly Sprayed Radiation on Low-Income Housing [external link]

     Original Research Supporting Above Article [external link]

CIA destroyed man's life with LSD mind-control experiments [external link]

Britain used millions in secret germ warfare tests [external link]

Pakistani Authorities suspect Dengue Fever outbreak a deliberate CIA bioweapon attack [external link]

Guatemala tests survivors, relatives of U.S. medical experiments [external link]

CIA planted electrodes in brains of unsuspecting soldiers, suit alleges [external link]

Convicted RFK assassin says girl manipulated him [external link]

News- French Government Queries USA re 1950's secret LSD experiment [external link]


Conspiracy of Silence [external link]

     a documentary about the investigation into a pedophile ring which allegedly catered to America's political elite


PsiOp Radio Interview w/Jeremy Begin [external link]

scans of important primary documents:

original MKULTRA document detailing basic hypnosis techniques

mkultra01.pdf mkultra01.pdf
Size : 148.486 Kb
Type : pdf


original MKULTRA document detailing experiments in hypnotizing children into planting and arming bombs

mkultra02.pdf mkultra02.pdf
Size : 344.77 Kb
Type : pdf


original MKULTRA document describing the creation of a mind controlled killer 

mkultra03.pdf mkultra03.pdf
Size : 86.866 Kb
Type : pdf


original Project Artichoke document describing a U.S. government human experimentation program 

Artichoke.pdf Artichoke.pdf
Size : 275.472 Kb
Type : pdf


a compilation of documents pertaining to the case of Frank Olson, a U.S. government scientist who worked on human experimentation projects and died under mysterious circumstances 

olson documents.pdf olson documents.pdf
Size : 1250.186 Kb
Type : pdf