After the Dream is an online graphic novel about an underworld conspiracy and the lives that it touches. There are two intertwining story arcs, one of which takes place in 2012, and the other which takes place in the year 2031.

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Jeremy Begin is the writer, letterer, web designer, and sometimes colorist. He is the author of one previous graphic novel, Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs), which was published by Trine Day in 2007, and the creator of the Deep History Timeline.

Damon Bowie, Joon Song, Phil Sasko, and Dave Mims created most of the art for After the Dream.

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 Content advisory: This story and website are intended for mature readers. After the Dream contains scenes of nudity, sex, drug use, and violence. It deals with disturbing subjects including child abuse, human trafficking, and human experimentation. Survivors of these sources of trauma may find parts of After the Dream triggering, so proceed with caution.

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