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Happy Birthday to us! Happy Birthday to us! April 13, 2014 is the third anniversary of After the Dream's launch. We'll be posting some brand new character art over the next few weeks to celebrate. And after that- the story finally continues! Stay tuned...

Rhyda Izguerra

Age: 23

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 120 lb.

Ancestry: Tzotzil

Hair: black

Eyes: brown 

Occupation: exotic dancer

Hobbies: reading, meditation

Life Goals:  seeing every last one of those sick fuckers at Advanced Intelligence Services dead or in prison

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4/13/14: It's been three years since After the Dream launched. Check out some brand new character art on the home page and in the Gallery section.

10/15/13: Wondering where the Deep History Timeline went? It now has its very own website,

7/28/13: The first few sections of the Deep History timeline are now up, and I've added a new piece to the Gallery section.

5/27/13: The new Deep History 101 section of the website is live.

5/17/13: Added some fan art pieces to the Gallery section.

5/4/13: Just did an interview with Mack White and SMiles Lewis of PsiOp Radio to discuss the various parapolitical topics touched upon in After the Dream.

4/25/13: Going to have some fan art and assorted other goodies up over the next couple of weeks. Also, we'll be updating on Mondays and Fridays for a while.

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