My recommendation this week goes to Bruce Sterling's Schismatrix Plus. Sterling is known for a strong collection of cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk novels; in my opinion Schismatrix is both the best and weirdest. (Schismatrix Plus contains the original novel plus several excellent short stories that take place in the same fictional universe - definitely pick up this version.)

Schismatrix tells the story of two transhumanist factions, the cyborg Mechanists and the gene-splicing Shapers, and their battle to determine the future of the solar system. Each side controls various space stations throughout the system and, tellingly, Earth barely factors into the plot. Those who could not be part of the transhumanist singularity were left behind long ago.

The cyberpunk genre has been rehashed a million times and is now thoroughly integrated into pop culture. Sterling was well ahead of the curve, and his unique perspective in this novel absolutely holds up today.

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