2/27/17: Starting uploading After the Dream to a mobile-friendly mirror site called Tapastic. Make a free account a subscribe today to read After the Dream on the go.

1/30/17: Made a major update to the Characters section, with 15 new entries.

1/16/17: Wow, I am not good at keeping this section updated. Chapter 16 starts today.

4/13/16: After the Dream started publishing 5 years ago today. It's been a struggle at times, but always a labor of love. Many thanks to the family, friends, and strangers who have supported us along the way. Stay tuned - many more chapters in the intense and tangled underworld of After the Dream await!

1/25/16: After the Dream Chapter 13 is underway! We also welcome Zdenko Cicek as our new primary illustrator. Last but not least, we're doubling our publishing schedule - After the Dream will now update twice a week, every Monday and Friday.

10/7/15: Added two new stories to the Articles section, one about the ongoing UK elite pedo scandal, another about military efforts to weaponize the brain.

8/3/15: After the Dream Chapter 12 is underway!

5/18/15: Jeremy is working on a new comic! Check out the site for Tink & Tank.

5/18/15: Added several new images to the Gallery.

4/13/15: We've been here for four years, and we're still going, slowly but surely. Stay tuned for the next chapter...

3/10/15: Added an article on scientists implanting memories into mice while they sleep to the Articles section.

11/3/14: Added an interview on organized abuse with Michael Salter to the Articles section. Very relevant to the current chapter.

11/2/14: Got a nice mini-review from Gargantuan Media: "It's a complex story that is currently reaching a high point in the art and story... [it] touches on war, politics and technology in some edgy and interesting ways."


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