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3/10/15: Added an article on scientists implanting memories into mice while they sleep to the Articles section.

11/3/14: Added an interview on organized abuse with Michael Salter to the Articles section. Very relevant to the current chapter.

11/2/14: Got a nice mini-review from Gargantuan Media: "It's a complex story that is currently reaching a high point in the art and story... [it] touches on war, politics and technology in some edgy and interesting ways."

10/8/14: The decade of 2000 - 2009 has been added to the Deep History Timeline. If you'd like a reminder of how bad recent history has been, go check it out.

8/4/14: After a long hiatus, we're finally back (and in color again)! A few new artists were auditioned, and Phil Sasko has been selected to join the team as lead artist while Dave Mims will continue to illustrate the fantastic visions of Adonai-altered characters. Thank you for your patience, and we hope you'll enjoy the upcoming chapters of After the Dream.

6/3/14: An e-book of After the Dream Volume 1 is now on sale at DriveThru Comics. A print version should also be available in the near future.

4/27/14: Your prayers have been answered. We now have a tumblr page.

4/13/14: It's been three years since After the Dream launched. Check out some brand new character art on the home page and in the Gallery section.

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