This section will be updated at the end of each issue to include key information that has been revealed about some of the main characters. With that in mind, this section MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS for folks who haven't yet read through the latest pages.

 Arin (2031)

Arin is a mysterious artist who lives in a squat and hides her face behind a holomask. She hangs her finished paintings in alleyways and other hidden locations around San Francisco Bay.


 Khenbish (2031)

Khenbish is an elite commando for Taurus Defense, a mercenary contractor whose majority share lies in the hands of AIS CEO John Crohn. He has told Arin that he grew up on a farm in Mongolia, got his American citizenship through a stint in the Army Corp of Engineers, and now works on a large-scale water purification project.


Balum (2031)

A mysterious, gray-eyed individual who lives in a West Oakland squat with Arin. He seems very concerned with keeping the two of them hidden, and has warned Arin that Khenbish may be more than he seems.


Rhyda Izguerra (2012)

Rhyda is having a rough time lately. She's stuck working at a strip club, her girlfriend Molly just broke up with her, and she's nursing a cocaine addiction. To top things off, she's being haunted by disturbing otherworldly visions. Gregory Kincaid seems to know something of Rhyda's past, and he claims that her hallucinations are the result of an illicit pharmaceutical test which Rhyda's morther participated in while pregnant. Unbeknownst to Rhyda's mother, she was dosed with a powerful dissociative compound called Adonai by Advanced Intelligence Services, a shady private corporation.


 Jonas DeSantis (2012)

Jonas works at an after-school program where he teaches computer skills to kids. One of his students is Zach, who is the grandson of Rhyda's grandmother's partner. Jonas used to date Kim, and is friends with Gregory. After witnessing the 9/11 attacks firsthand, Jonas enlisted in military intelligence and was deployed to Afghanistan. He went looking for Jihadists but instead discovered mercenaries running opium for AIS. Now he's trying to use his hacking skills to bring AIS's crimes to light.


Kim Dee (2012 / 2031) 

Kim Dee sings in a trip-hop group called 'The Conspiranoids'. She is friends with Gregory and Jonas, who she used to date. She maintains an apartment complex owned by Gregory which houses several survivors of AIS experiments.


Gregory Kincaid (2012) 

Gregory is a professor at Trinity College, teaching classes in chemistry and neurotheology. He seems to be connected with Luke Buldowski, an unsavory character who provides drugs to Rhyda in exchange for sexual favors. Gregory claims to have discovered the "omega of psychedelics," a compound he named Adonai. Unfortunately, his discovery was stolen by a corporation called Advanced Intelligence Services, which has used Adonai for illegal research into mind control.


 Molly Cladget (2012)

Rhyda's ex

Maria "Aba" Izguerra (2012)

Rhyda's grandmother

Chamile Parker (2012)

Maria's partner

Zackary Dewitt (2012 / 2031)

Chamile's grandson

Luke Buldowski (2012)

Rhyda's dealer

Carlos Merrick (2012)

Gregory's lover 

David Hunter (2012)

DEA agent and AIS operative 

Mark Johnson (2012)

AIS survivor killed by David Hunter


 Illiana "Illy" Ferguson (2012)

a survivor of AIS experiments

Nuria (2031)

AIS survivor and former assassin

John Crohn (2031)

Head of AIS

Captain Bosko (2031)

Khenbish's superior in Taurus Defense

Walter Wouters (2012)

a survivor of AIS experiments

Michael (2012)

Walter's uncle, AIS survivor and cult member

Katra (2012)

Walter's aunt

Jamie (2012)

Walter's nephew

Horace Wells (2012)

a 19th century doctor

Nike (2012)

the goddess of victory

Trash Troll (2012)

a helpful gremlin

Faceless (2012)

a creepy specter

Cocaina (2012)

a glamorous and hyperactive fiend

Mama Coca (2012)

a medicine spirit

Stolas (2012)

a Goetic demon

Glasya Labolas (2012)

a Goetic demon

Shecar (2031)

FBI agent, adoptive son of David Hunter